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‘The world is not what we think. It is a dark place, where politicians and special interests force us into rebellion. Revolts have their price and the best of us pay the tax –though violence!’


Now, we are on the edge of the unknown, with only the combat-action

-reports of The Venger to guide us. From the moment New Orleans was put to the torch, to the sacking of Panama and the invasion of West Africa --the war is on! Here, you’ll survive shipwrecks, cannibals and… dreaded politicians! You’ll join the crew of The Venger --made up of European combat veterans, rogue samurai, moor killers (who pray five times a day --even during a cannon barrage) and liberated slaves marked by the whip and hell-bent on revenge. You’ll side with Aztec warriors (who may want to sacrifice your enemies), tattooed islanders from the South Pacific, imperial Chinese soldiers and Native Americans who still like to scalp and wear war paint...


Join the ‘gun tigers’ as they open up on a target, climb a fortress wall in the moonlight, and be part of a raiding party that brings 'the havoc' from the darkness…

-Terror is our anthem!

Gash your thumb, put your thumb print in the book, sign the articles,

and grab your weapons -the cutlass, the gun and grenade! Or, if you prefer, the tomahawk, samurai swords and ‘throwing stars’ and learn to fight and survive as we raid the coast of Japan, clash with samurai soldiers, invade Madras, ignite Dutch forts in the jungles of the East Indies --and form a defensive battle square in the desert around the pyramids as native tribesmen charge us from all four sides…      

We’ll move through the fog on the Isle of The Dead, marked by zombies, storm Gibraltar, rob the Bank of England, fight the crown’s militia in the snow and... blast a few ‘resurrection men’ in the process. We’ll disguise ourselves as plague doctors, fight our way through Black Thorn Prison, battle grave robbers and spark the legend of The Headless Horsemen. We'll fight the British, the Spanish, the French --and-- The Devil!

It's now about steel, gunpowder and a good supply of body bags! And remember....dead men tell no tales!


 The apocalypse is here! The Venger is in command! (B-E-W-A-R-E...deck two of The Venger is haunted.) There are no laws ‘cept the ones we make. The code we live by, and the world we fight to create. The fuse has been lit, the rebellion is on and…

‘Your road to redemption is paved with tombstones!’


"While the rest of the world blabs and blabs about how compassionate they are,  Ethan Dettenmaier quietly proves it day by day.

Radio host, showbiz empresario, relentless caregiver foe the less fortunate and now...

he roars out of the gate as a novelist with NO QUARTER! KILL ALL MASTERS! Is there anything he can't do?

All I know is the day Ethan decides to become a TV writer, I'm cooked!"

--Writer/Producer Dan Truly (Law And Order SVU, Blue Bloods)

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